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Neil S Berman is an Expert Numismatist and Rare Coin Dealer since 1968. And since 1993, we are Westchester’s largest professional coin and currency dealer, and your best source for buying or selling coins, currency or precious metals in the Westchester area.  Competitive coin buyers for forty four years, we always pay extra for coins with better dates we want or coins in better collectable conditions. We offer free oral appraisals, written appraisals, and cash on the spot when the law allows.

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Neil S Berman
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Rare Coins

C 1793 Half Cent Lincoln Lincoln Two Cent Two Cent
Half Cents


Two and Three Cents

Half Cents
Of all of the coins ever struck at the United States Mint, half cents are the smallest denomination. This denomination of coin was authorized by the United States Congress in 1792. There were five different types struck between 1793 and 1857 when the denomination was discontinued. All half cents are collectable and desirable, but not necessarily valuable. It is hard to believe that there was a time when men were paid in half cents and cents, but there was and it was only two hundred years ago. We buy and sell all United States half cent coins.

CENTS 1793-to date
Cents were among the first coins struck by the new United States Mint in Philadelphia in 1793. There are ten basic types of cents broken into two large sub categories, Large Cents from 1793 to 1857, and Small Cents, from 1856 and still made today. Large Cents are collectable in almost any condition, but the later types are often plentiful in circulated condition and do not command much in the way of price. Small Cents are sometimes incorrectly called “pennies”. As rule they have large mintages and except for a few scarce or rare dates are mostly common. I buy hundreds of Indian Head Cents and early Lincoln Cents every week, so much so that the very inexpensive average circulated coins are found in large boxes all over the office. Small Cents and Silver Dollars are in my opinion the two most popularly collected United States coins.

Two and Three Cents, the odd denominations
The Two Cent piece was first authorized by the Us Congress in 1864 and other than it was the first time that the “In God we Trust” Motto appear on our coins, it was not very accepted and became one of the shortest minted series of United States coins. The Three Cent pieces were made between 1851 and 1889 in both silver and nickel.

Buffalo Nickle Buffalo Nickle Seated Half Dime Seated Half Dime Mercury Dime Mercury Dime

Half Dimes

Nickel coins with a five value of five cents were first made in 1866 and are still made today, one hundred forty seven years later. The mintages are usually so large that I haven’t added then up. There are four major types, and each has two major subtypes. All nickels are popular with collector because most dates are affordable and easy to find. We buy and sell United States Nickel coins.

Half Dimes
Long before the five cent coin in nickel there was the silver half dime also valued at five cents, which was literally a coin that looked like a dime, but was half the size and half the weight.  The United States Half Dime was authorized at the same time as the other minor coins by Congress in 1792, and first coin was minted two years later. There are four basic types of half dimes, with many sub varieties of the last type.  All half dimes are collectable and we buy and sell all United States Half Dimes regardless of condition.

The dime was among the first denominations approved by Congress, was first minted in 1797, and is still minted today. There are eight types and many major varieties and endless variations to please even the most serious of collectors.

Washington Quarter Washington Quarter Half Dollars Half Dollars Morgan Dollar Morgan Dollar
Half Dollars Dollars

Quarters and Twenty Cents
One of the shortest lived and oddest denominations was the Twenty Cent piece. They were confused with the quarter dollar and rejected by the public in their day. On the other hand, there are nine major types of United States Quarter Dollars, among the first coins authorized by Congress and first struck in 1796, and types are still minted today.

Half Dollars
The silver Half Dollar was authorized by Congress in 1792 but was not minted until the end of 1794. The early Half Dollars were a work horse for industry and with the Silver Dollars formed the backbone of basic commerce. The United States Mint made lots of Most of these early coins were used and all of the silver coins are collectable. Half Dollars are still minted today although I don’t see them in use in trade. There are nine basic types of United States Half Dollar coins.

The United States Congress adopted the Dollar as the standard monetary unit in 1785, and first made pattern Continental Dollars in 1776. The first silver dollar was authorized by Congress in 1792 and first minted in Philadelphia in 1794. It is the largest and most important American silver coin. Like other early American coins, originally there was no value on the coin and each coin was hand minted on a screw press. Our dollar evolved from the Spanish Milled Dollar or Pillar Dollar, which in turn were based on early German Thalers, the first of the heavy silver coins made in quantity for commerce in Medieval Europe. United States Silver Dollars are probably the single most collected coin in the world. There are seven basic types of silver dollars. And there are several that are not silver, and we include one here, the Eisenhower Dollar, as a token of respect to the man who saved the free world in 1944.

Gold $1 to $3 Gold $1 to $3 Gold $5 Gold $5 Gold $10 and $20 Gold $10 and $20
Small Gold $1 to $3
Gold $5 Half Eagle Gold $10 and $20


Small Gold $1.00 -$3.00
Gold has served as money in North America since before the Thirteen Colonies, and various gold coins of Great Britain, and Spain and the Spanish New World colonies, as well as the Netherlands and other great European trading counties served the colonies and later the young United States until Congress decided to mint our own in 1792. Foreign coins circulated in the United States until nearly the Civil War.  Gold coins are based on the gold Eagle coin, or ten dollar gold piece ($10.00). Smaller units are the Half Eagle coin ($5.00) and Quarter Eagle coin ($2.50), and larger is the Double Eagle coin ($20.00). All United States gold coins are made of .900 fine gold, ninety percent gold or 21.7 kt. fine. The last of the classic American gold coin was made in 1933, and today only some commemorative coins are still minted in gold. We buy and sell all United States Gold Coins.

$4 Gold Stella

$5 Gold Half Eagle
United States Half Eagles or Five Dollar Gold Coins were the first coins actually struck at the new United States Mint in Philadelphia in 1795. The type was made for the best part of one hundred thirty years and sometimes in large quantities, and this is the only denomination of US coin to be made at all eight United States Mints. Early Half Eagles have the distinction of being, in my opinion, the most difficult series of US Gold coins to collect. All US gold is collectable and the earlier the better. We buy and sell all Gold Half Eagles.

Gold $10.00 and $20.00
United States Gold Eagle ($10.00) and the United States Gold Double Eagle ($20.00) are the two heaviest gold coins made for regular commerce at the United States Mint. The Eagles were included among the first group of coins authorized by Congress in 1792, the Double Eagle in 1849. There were many coins made of most kinds and they are easily found today.

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