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Rare Coins - Two and Three Cents

Two and Three Cents, the odd denominations

The Two Cent piece was first authorized by the Us Congress in 1864 and other than it was the first time that the “In God we Trust” Motto appear on our coins, it was not very accepted and became one of the shortest minted series of United States coins. The Three Cent pieces were made between 1851 and 1889 in both silver and nickel.

Two Cent Pieces Two Cent Pieces Three Cent Nickel Three Cent Nickel Three Cent Silver Three Cent Silver
Two Cent Pieces
1864 - 1873

3 Cent Nickel
1865 - 1889
Three Cent Silver
1851- 1873

Two Cent Piece 1864-1873
Made between 1862 and 1873 out of bronze at the Philadelphia Mint, these odd coins are more popular today with collectors then they were with the public in their own day. Circulated examples are common and easy to come by. We buy and sell United States Two Cent Coins.

Three Cent Silver Pieces 1851-1873
These little coins were called Trimes in their own times, and were a very popular denomination. Silver Trimes come in three variations. Variety 1 from 1851-1853 had no borders around the six pointed star in the center, Variety 2 from 1854-1858 there were two lines bordering the star and Variety 3 1859-1873 there was one line in the border around the star. Most of these coins have large mintages and are available to collectors. We buy and sell Three Cent Silver coins.

Three Cent Nickels 1865-1889
Three cent nickels were issued when the three cents in silver was hoarded for the silver during the Civil War. Most dates have large mintages and are common. We buy and sell United States Three Cent Nickels.



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