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Rare Coins - Dimes

The dime was among the first denominations approved by Congress, was first minted in 1797, and is still minted today. There are eight types and many major varieties and endless variations to please even the most serious of collectors.

Draped Bust Dimes Sm Eagle Draped Bust Dimes Sm Eagle Draped Bust Dimes Lg Eagle Draped Bust Dimes Lg Eagle Capped Bust Dime Large Capped Bust Dime Large
Draped Bust Dimes Sm Eagle
1796 - 1796
Draped Bust Dime Lg Eagle
1798 - 1807
Capped Bust Dime Large
1809 - 1828

Draped Bust Small Eagle 1796-1797
There are two different major types of the earliest of dimes both designed by Robert Scot, and they are always scarce and desirable coins regardless of date or type or condition. Nice early dimes are unusual to find and always bring big money when they rarely turn up. The first United Stated Draped Bust Dime has the Small Eagle 1796-1797 reverse.

Draped Bust Large Eagle 1798-1807
The second Draped Bust Dime is the Heraldic Eagle or Large Eagle reverse of 1798-1807. We treasure early dimes and buy Draped Bust dimes when they are offered to us.

Capped Bust Small Size 1809-1828
Like there half dime brothers, this basic design is virtually all common dates, with the sole exception of the 1824/2 with a pointed top 1, of which I cannot remember the last time I saw one in any condition. As technical issues there are two Capped Bust Dimes, the first is the Small Size or Wide Border of 1809-1828.

Capped Bust Dime Small Capped Bust Dime Small Seated Dime Seated Dime Barber Dime Barber Dime
Capped Bust Dime Small
1828 - 1837
Seated Dime
1837 - 1891
Barber Dime
1829 - 1916

Capped Bust Large Size 1828-1837
Very similar to their Wide Border predecessors, the Large Size or Beaded Border is just as collectable; we buy any Capped Bust Large Size Dimes.

Liberty Seated 1837-1891
The Liberty Seated series of dimes mimics the half dimes and precede the seated quarter dollars, seated half dollars and seated dollars of the series with the same basic design changes. The first is the No Stars obverse of 1837-1838, followed by the No Drapery Obverse (with stars) of 1838-1840, and the Stars (with drapery) Obverse of 1840-1891. Next are the Arrows (at date) of 1853-1855 and 1873-1874, and lastly the Legend (on obverse) of 1860-1873 and 1875-1891. The heavily circulated Legends dimes are common and show up all the time. We buy and sell all Liberty Seated dimes when offered.

Barber 1892-1916
The Barber dime of Charles Barber is a long series of dimes that was very popular with collectors in the day and still has plenty of interest today. They are sometimes called Liberty Head dimes by those who do not collect them. This series includes the famed 1894S rarity. We buy Barber dimes almost daily because they are so common in circulated conditions.

Mercury Dime Mercury Dime Roosevelt Dime Roosevelt Dime
Mercury Dime
1916 - 1945
Roosevelt Dime
1946 to Date

Mercury 1916-1945
Actually a Winged Liberty Head, this series is almost entirely common dates and is the main stay of ninety percent silver bags with its Roosevelt dime brothers. The series has always been a big favorite with collects of all economic backgrounds, and sets from badly circulated to nice uncirculated coins are seen regularly. This series includes the acclaimed rarity 1916D and the not often seen 1921, and the 1942/41 over date, a collector’s favorite since forever. We always buy and sell Mercury Dimes.

Roosevelt 1946 to date
Always common, we buy and sell all silver Roosevelt dimes made between 1946 and 1964, and those found in the equally common United States Proof Sets and United States Mint Sets of the period.

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