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Rare Coins - Gold $1 - $3

Small Gold $1.00 -$3.00
Gold has served as money in North America since before the Thirteen Colonies, and various gold coins of Great Britain, and Spain and the Spanish New World colonies, as well as the Netherlands and other great European trading counties served the colonies and later the young United States until Congress decided to mint our own in 1792. Foreign coins circulated in the United States until nearly the Civil War.  Gold coins are based on the gold Eagle coin, or ten dollar gold piece ($10.00). Smaller units are the Half Eagle coin ($5.00) and Quarter Eagle coin ($2.50), and larger is the Double Eagle coin ($20.00). All United States gold coins are made of .900 fine gold, ninety percent gold or 21.7 kt. fine. The last of the classic American gold coin was made in 1933, and today only some commemorative coins are still minted in gold. We buy and sell all United States Gold Coins.

Gold Dollar Type 1 Gold Dollar Type 1 Gold Dollar Type 2 Gold Dollar Type 2 Gold Dollar Type 3 Gold Dollar Type 3
Gold Dollar Type 1
1849 - 1854
Gold Dollar Type 2
1854 - 1856
Gold Dollar Type 3
1856 - 1889

Liberty Head 1849-1854
A small gold coin slightly larger than an aspirin, there were over twelve million Liberty Head Type One Dollar gold coins minted in five years and is frequently seen circulated or mounted in jewelry. We buy all United States gold coins.

Indian Princess 1854-1855
Generally called a Type Two Dollar, the Indian Princess Small Head Gold Dollar is a scarce two year type coin although the individual dates may not be rare. In 1854 the Type Two Gold Dollar was made larger in diameter and thinner in addition to replacing the Liberty Head with a small Indian Princess Head.

Indian Princess 1856-1889
The Indian Princess Large Head Gold Dollar is usually called a Type Three Dollar. It is the same size as the Type Two Gold Dollar with a different obverse which it shares with a Three Dollar Gold Coin. This type was made over a long period and therefore is generally available in a variety of dates, and the late dates are often found in very nice condition. We buy all gold dollars.

Draped Bust Right $2.5 Draped Bust Right $2.5 apped Head Left $2.5 apped Head Left $2.5 Classic Quarter Eagle Classic Quarter Eagle
Draped Bust Right $2.5
1796 - 1807
Capped Head Left $2.5
1808 - 1834
Classic Quarter Eagle
1834 - 1836

Draped Bust 1796-1807
Often called Capped Bust Right as well as Draped Bust Right, the first Two and a Half Dollar ($2.50) or Quarter Eagle gold coin was made in two basic sub types, the rare No Stars only in 1796 and With Stars 1796-1807. All these coins are scarce and not often seen, but we buy Gold coins when we see them.

Capped Head 1808-1834
There are three different types of Capped Head Quarter Eagles, the Capped Bust Left of 1808 is usually considered a separate type altogether. There is also the Capped Head Left Large Size of 1821-1827, and the Capped Head Left Small Size, also called Capped Head Left Reduced Size of 1829-1834. All three types have very short mintages and are rarely seen.

Classic Head 1834-1836
Made for only six years, this Quarter Eagle type is common in circulated condition but surprising difficult in the higher grades. There are several sub-varieties but it takes an expert to differentiate them apart. We see and buy Classic Head Quarter Eagles occasionally.

Liberty Head $2.5 Liberty Head $2.5 Indian $2.5 Indian $2.5 $3 Gold Piece $3 Gold Piece
Liberty Head $2.5
1840 - 1907
Indian $2.5
1908 - 1929
$3 Gold Piece
1854 - 1889

Liberty Head 1840-1907
With a sixty seven year run and a total mintage in the millions, the Liberty Head or Coronet Quarter Eagle type is often seen and is very available, although there are many famous rare dates such as the 1841, the 1848 CAL, the 1854S and the 1863 are found here. There are really two sub-types, the Old Reverse 1840-1859 with small letters and arrows and the New Reverse of 1859-1907 with large letters on the reverse. The New Reverse coins are mostly common and are seen all the time. We buy and sell all Liberty Head Gold coins.

Indian Head 1908-1929
One of only two coins that are incused, or have the design cut into the planchet or coin blank, unlike all other coins where the design is raised against the background.  This Quarter Eagle coin was designed by famed sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt for Theodore Roosevelt. The 1911D is the key date and the entire type is often counterfeited. We buy Quarter Eagles all the time.

Indian Princess 1854-1889
The Three Dollar Gold Piece was authorized by Congress in 1854 but was never popular with the public. Like the rare Four Dollar Gold Coin, or Stella, it is popular with collectors today. The obverse has the exact same design as the Type Three Gold Dollar. There are two sub types, the Small Dollars of 1854 and the Large Dollars of 1855-1889. All three dollar gold is collectable and we buy all collectable gold coins.


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