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Rare Coins - Dollars

The United States Congress adopted the Dollar as the standard monetary unit in 1785, and first made pattern Continental Dollars in 1776. The first silver dollar was authorized by Congress in 1792 and first minted in Philadelphia in 1794. It is the largest and most important American silver coin. Like other early American coins, originally there was no value on the coin and each coin was hand minted on a screw press. Our dollar evolved from the Spanish Milled Dollar or Pillar Dollar, which in turn were based on early German Thalers, the first of the heavy silver coins made in quantity for commerce in Medieval Europe. United States Silver Dollars are probably the single most collected coin in the world. There are seven basic types of silver dollars. And there are several that are not silver, and we include one here, the Eisenhower Dollar, as a token of respect to the man who saved the free world in 1944.


Flowing Hair Dollar Flowing Hair Dollar Draped Bust Dollar Small Eagle Draped Bust Dollar Small Eagle Draped Bust Dollar Large Eagle Draped Bust Dollar Large Eagle
Flowing Hair Dollar
1794 - 1795
Draped Bust Dollar Small Eagle
1795 - 1798
Draped Bust Dollar Large Eagle
1798 - 1804

Flowing Hair 1794-1795
With a short, short mintage of 1758 the first year of issue is a rare and desirable coin in any condition and rarely shows up. With a Flowing Hair obverse and a small eagle reverse, a Gem 1794 dollar recently sold for over ten million dollars. While more common, the 1795 is just as treasured a coin as its older sister. We would love to buy or sell a Flowing Hair Dollar soon.

Draped Bust Small Eagle 1795-1798
With a new Draped Bust obverse and the old small eagle reverse, this type is always in demand and always pricy in any condition. We buy Draped Bust dollars every chance they are offered.

Draped Bust Large Eagle 1798-1804
The small Draped Bust obverse as the previous coin, but with a new Large Eagle or Heraldic Eagle Reverse, this type is always in demand and contains the rare date 1804.

Seated Dollar Seated Dollar Trade Dollar Trade Dollar Morgan Dollar Morgan Dollar
Seated Dollar
1840 - 1873
Trade Dollar
1873 - 1885
Morgan Dollar
1878 - 1921

Liberty Seated 1840-1873
The first official silver dollars minted since 1803, this is a popular type coin and almost always collectable. There are two basic types of Liberty seated Dollars, the No Motto of 1840-1865 and With Motto of 1866-1873. The mintage is high enough of both types to have plenty examples for collectors. We will buy Liberty Seated anything, like Dollars, Half Dollars and Quarter Dollars.

Trade 1873-1885
These coins were heavier than the Seated Dollars because they were designed to be used in the Far East for trade and compete with the Spanish Milled Dollars, and not for use inside the United States. They are a popular collector coin.  We buy and sell American Trade Dollars.

Morgan 1878-1921
Hands down the most common and most popular of the silver dollars with perhaps 120 or more date and mint mark combinations, they are collected all over the world. There were 680 million coins minted of all kinds, and sometimes it seems that they are all still out there. We will buy and sell any United States silver dollar, and particularly any Morgan Silver Dollar in any condition.

Peace Dollar Peace Dollar Ike Dollar Ike Dollar
Peace Dollar
1921 - 1935
Ike Dollar
1971 - 1978

Peace 1921-1935
Another common dollar available in almost any condition, there are actually two major sub types, the High Relief of 1921-1922 and the Low Relief of 1922-1935. We always will buy or sell Peace Dollars.

Eisenhower 1971-1978
There are several variations of this coin, but the only ones that matter outside of the collecting world are the 40% Clad Silver Blue Ikes and Brown Ikes.

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