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Rare Coins - Gold $10 to 20

Gold $10.00 and $20.00
United States Gold Eagle ($10.00) and the United States Gold Double Eagle ($20.00) are the two heaviest gold coins made for regular commerce at the United States Mint. The Eagles were included among the first group of coins authorized by Congress in 1792, the Double Eagle in 1849. There were many coins made of most kinds and they are easily found today.

Draped Bust Right $10 SE Draped Bust Right $10 SE Draped Bust Right $10 SE Draped Bust Right $10 SE Liberty Head $10 Liberty Head $10
Draped Bust Right $10 SE
1795 - 1797
Draped Bust Right $10 LE
1795 - 1804
Liberty Head $10
1838 - 1866

Draped Bust Right Small Eagle 1795-1797
First authorized by Congress in 1792 but not minted until 1795, all Draped Bust Right, also called Caped Bust Right coins of this type are rare and not often seen.

Draped Bust Right Large Eagle 1795-1804
The Draped Bust Right (or Caped Bust Right) Large Eagle or Heraldic Eagle is a large scarce early type and not often seen. We buy all early US gold coins.

Liberty Head 1838-1866
After an absence of thirty four years, the Mint reduced the size and changed the design to Gobrechts new Liberty Head or Coronet Eagle, which was made in three basic types. The first was the Head of 1838 or Large Letters Reverse in 1838-1839, the next the Head of 1840 or Small Letters Reverse on the No Motto of 1840-1866, and the last was the With Motto of 1866-1907. Many of these coins were made in great quantities and the type is always available. They look like the Quarter Eagle, Half Eagle and Double Eagle of the same period. They are popular with collectors and investors today, and so we buy and sell all Liberty Head Eagles.

Indian $10 Indian $10 Liberty Head $20 Liberty Head $20 Saint Gaudens $20 Saint Gaudens $20
Indian $10
1907 - 1933
Liberty Head $20
1850 - 1907
Saint Gaudens $20
1907 - 1933

Indian Head 1907-1933
Designed by one of America’s great sculptors, Augustus Saint-Gaudens for Theodore Roosevelt, the type is both plentiful and desirable. Most dates are available and we buy them and sell them in both types, the No Motto 1907-1908 and With Motto 1908-1933.

Liberty Heads 1849-1907
The largest of all regular denomination US gold coins, the Liberty Head Double Eagle or Coronet Head Double Eagle type is popular with both collectors and gold investors. There are three different basic kinds; the first is either called a No Motto or No Motto Twenty D. Type I 1849-1866, the second With Motto Twenty D. Type II 1866-1876, and the last With Motto Twenty Dollars Type III 1877-1907. We buy all US gold coins.

Saint-Gaudens 1907-1933
One of the handsomest coins ever struck at a United States Mint, this coin was designed by famous American Sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens for Theodore Roosevelt. The Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, called a Saint in the trade, is available in three varieties. The first, the High Relief 1907 is scarce and always expensive, the second, No Motto 1907-1908 and last With Motto 1908-1933 are both common and plentiful, and because of their weight, desired by investors as well as collectors. The rare 1933 sold for almost eight million dollars a couple of years ago. We buy and sell all United States double eagle gold coins regardless of condition.

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