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Rare Coins - Half Cents

Half Cents
Of all of the coins ever struck at the United States Mint, half cents are the smallest denomination. This denomination of coin was authorized by the United States Congress in 1792. There were five different types struck between 1793 and 1857 when the denomination was discontinued. All half cents are collectable and desirable, but not necessarily valuable. It is hard to believe that there was a time when men were paid in half cents and cents, but there was and it was only two hundred years ago. We buy and sell all United States half cent coins.


1793 Half Cent 1793 Half Cent Liberty Cap Half Cent Liberty Cap Half Cent Draped Half Cent Draped Half Cent
Liberty Cap Left Half Cents

Liberty Cap Right Half Cents
Draped Bust Half Cents

Liberty Capped Left Half Cent 1793
This this is a one year only coin with a total mintage of thirty five thousand, of which a couple of hundred probably still exist. All 1793 Half Cents are scarce, desirable and worth money, regardless of condition. We will by any 1793 Half Cent.

Liberty Capped Right Half Cent 1794-1797
With a total mintage of less than two hundred thousand coins in four years, the entire type is scarce and there are a couple of really rare dates as well. This is a really popular design and we will always buy any coin in any condition of this type.

Draped Bust Half Cent 1800-1808
Three and a half million Draped Bust Half Cents were minted in the eight years this type was current, and they are all collectable in any condition. Designed by Gilbert Stuart with the dies by Robert Scot, we buy and sell Draped Bust Half Cents.

Classic Half Cent Classic Half Cent Braided Hair Half Cents Braided Hair Half Cents
Classic Half Cents
Braided Hair Half Cents

Classic Head Half Cents 1809-1836
Three and a half million Classic Head Half Cents were made for business and all dates a reasonably available to the collector. We buy and sell Classic Head Half Cents.

Braided Hair Half Cents 1840-1857
Being the last series of this denomination, many of these coins were saved and they show up all the time. Nice coins and the scarcer proofs of this type command a premium and we pay it to buy these coins. We buy and sell all Braided Hair Half Cents and all other types of United States Half Cents.


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