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We buy all United States & foreign coins, gold & silver in any form, currency, banknotes & paper money, medals & tokens, antique & fine jewelry, diamonds, pearls, precious & semi precious stones mounted & unmounted, pocket & wrist watches, clocks, antique & architectural artifacts, stained glass & art glass, original paintings & art, posters & prints, photographs, political buttons, badges, autographs & documents, bonds & financial instruments, books & political pamphlets, postage stamps & covers, military uniforms & accouterments, antique weapons, rifle sights & scopes, flags, decorations & medals, wooden & metal boxes, signs, ancient, medieval, Colonial, Civil War, Western, Native American, memorabilia & folk art, nautical, aviation, navigational, optical or machine tools & gauges, locks, scales, pens, old toys, old musical instruments, cameras, unusual machines, old motorcycles, motorcycle badges & parts, bicycles & bicycle badges & parts, models & prototypes, statues & figurines, carvings, fine china plates & bowls & dishes, decorative items of brass, copper, bronze, cast & wrought iron, milled steel, clay & terracotta, porcelain, crystal & cut glass, wood, ivory & bone, and stone, for example, and especially items of historical or political interest or with unusual provenance.

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