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Rare Coins - Gold $5

United States Half Eagles or Five Dollar Gold Coins were the first coins actually struck at the new United States Mint in Philadelphia in 1795. The type was made for the best part of one hundred thirty years and sometimes in large quantities, and this is the only denomination of US coin to be made at all eight United States Mints. Early Half Eagles have the distinction of being, in my opinion, the most difficult series of US Gold coins to collect. All US gold is collectable and the earlier the better. We buy and sell all Gold Half Eagles.

Draped Bust Right $5 SE Draped Bust Right $5 SE Draped Bust Right $5 LE Draped Bust Right $5 LE Capped Bust Left $5 Capped Bust Left $5
Draped Bust Right $5 SE
1795 - 1798
Draped Bust Right $5 LE
1795 - 1807
Capped Bust Left $5
1807 - 1812

Draped Bust Small Eagle 1795-1807
This type was struck in Philadelphia mostly in mid-1795, and is very scarce and not often seen.

Draped Bust Large Eagle 1795-1807
Similar to the previous coin but with a Large Eagle Reverse or Heraldic Eagle Reverse, all dates of this type are either scarce or rare and not often seen.

Caped Bust Left 1807-1812
This is another Half Eagle type in which all the coins are either scarce or rare and not often see. This coin has the same obverse design as the Capped Bust Left Quarter Eagle of 1808.

Capped Head Left $5 Capped Head Left $5 Classic Half Eagle Classic Half Eagle Liberty Head $5 Liberty Head $5
Capped Head Left $5
1813 - 1834
Classic Half Eagle
1834 - 1838
Liberty Head $5
1839 - 1908

Capped Head Left 1813-1834
Hands down the most difficult series of United States coins to collect, this type is studded with rare dates, rare over dates and rare sub-varieties. There are three main varieties, the Bold Relief 1813-1815 which includes the fabled 1815, the Large Size or Large Diameter of 1813-1829 which included the legendary 1822, 1825/4, and 1829 Large Date, and the Small Size or Reduced Size of 1829-1834, which includes the classic rarities 1832 13 Stars and 1833 Large Date. This entire type is rare.

Classic Head 1834-1838
Made for only four years, this type is harder to find than the mintages would indicate. This Half Eagle looks just like the Quarter Eagle of the same design. There are two slightly different sub-varieties for the fanatic collector.

Liberty Head 1839-1908
The longest running design on gold Half Eagle, sixty nine years, the Liberty Head Half Eagle or Coronet Half Eagle is one of the most common of all US gold coins, and can be found in most grades regularly. The often studied rarity 1854S is found in this series. There are three basic types, starting with the Head of 1839 (No Motto), The Head of 1840 on the No Motto 1840-1866, and the With Motto 1866-1908. This type has the same design as the Quarter Eagle, Eagle and Double Eagle of the period. We buy and sell all Half Eagle gold coins.

Indian $5 Indian $5
Indian $5
1908 - 1929

Indian 1908-1929
The Half Eagle is the exact same design as the Quarter Eagle, but twice as large. Pratt’s design for Theodore Roosevelt is common and found regularly in circulated conditions. We buy all gold coins.


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