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Neil S Berman is an Expert Numismatist and Rare Coin Dealer since 1968. And since 1993, we are Westchester’s largest professional coin and currency dealer, and your best source for buying or selling coins, currency or precious metals in the Westchester area.  Competitive coin buyers for forty four years, we always pay extra for coins with better dates we want or coins in better collectable conditions. We offer free oral appraisals, written appraisals, and cash on the spot when the law allows.

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Neil S Berman Expert Numismatist & Silver Coin Dealer

History of Silver Coins

It is believed by most Numismatists that the earliest silver coins of the western world were minted in the kingdom of Lydia in Asia Minor around 600BC. The first silver coins of Lydia were made of electrum, which is a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver that was reasonably available within the territory of Lydia.  Coins are stamped lumps of metal of a specified weight and quality of metal issued by some authority. Because it made trading considerably less complex, from Lydia the concept of coinage quickly spread to adjacent regions, such as Ageina, which is south of Lydia. In these neighboring regions, inhabited by ethnic Greeks, coins were mostly made of silver and base metals. At this time in history silver was a scare metal and gold was rare. It was not uncommon for a working man to live his entire life and never see any gold.  As Greek merchants traded with colonies of other Greek communities throughout the Mediterranean Sea basin, the Greek coinage concept soon spread through trade to the entire Mediterranean region, and then the entire ancient world. These early Greek silver coins were denominated in staters and/ or drachmas, and its fractions.


Persian Coin Macedons Silver Coins Roman Silver Coins
Persian Silver Coin Early Greek Silver Coins

Silver Coins of the Byzantine Empire Ottoman silver coins India Silver Coins

Silver Coins of the
Byzantine Empire

Silver Coins of Ottomans
and Persia

Silver Coins India


The Silver Coins of the New World

Pillar Coins Mexican Peso
Pillar Dollar
Spanish Milled Dollar Mexican Peso

The Silver Coins Europe

Lion Silver Dollar Leopold Thaler Silver Coin Maria Theresiaset Silver Coin
Lion Dollar Silver Coin
 Leopold Thaler Silver Coin Maria Theresa Thaler Silver Coin


Silver Trade Coins

British Trade Dollar Trade Dollar Morgan Dollar
British Trade Dollar
United States Trade Dollar US Morgan Dollar

Chinese Trade Japanese Trade Dollar
Chinese Trade Dollar
Japanese Trade Dollar


Modern Silver Coins

Mexican Silver Libertade Silver Coins Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Silver Coins Chinese Silver Panda
Mexican Silver Libertad
Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Chinese Silver Panda

Silver Coins Australian Silver Koloa Silver Coins American Silver Eagle
Australian Silver Koala
American Silver Eagle


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