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Nickel coins with a five value of five cents were first made in 1866 and are still made today, one hundred forty seven years later. The mintages are usually so large that I haven’t added then up. There are four major types, and each has two major subtypes. All nickels are popular with collector because most dates are affordable and easy to find. We buy and sell United States Nickel coins.

Shield Nickels Shield Nickels Liberty Nickel Liberty Nickel Buffalo Nickel Buffalo Nickel
Shield Nickel Liberty Nickel Buffalo Nickel

Shield 1866-1883
First made in 1866, this series has two varieties. The first is the With Rays reverse of 1866-67 and the other is the No Rays 1867-1883 reverse. Because there are only twenty different dates, over dates and varieties, it is a short set and popular with collectors. We buy and sell all Shield Nickels.

Liberty 1883-1913
The Liberty Nickel or Liberty Head Nickel as it is often called is another popular short series, with 33 dates and varieties, if one does not include the infamous 1913 Liberty, of which only five were minted under some very peculiar circumstances. The first year has two major types, Variety 1 is the NO Cent reverse of 1883 and variety 2 which is the With Cents Reverse of 1883. We buy and sell all Liberty Nickels.

Buffalo 1913-1938
The Buffalo Nickel, sometimes called the Indian Head Nickel by children, is another perennial favorite of collectors as most dates are available. This coin comes in two major varieties, the Type I with the buffalo on a mound on the obverse, and Type II with the date recessed under the buffalo on the obverse. This series features the famous 1918D/17 over date and a host of other varieties. We buy and sell Buffalo Nickels.

Jefferson Nickel Jefferson Nickel
Jefferson Nickel

Jefferson 1938- to date
Another popular series with collectors, this series is populated with one long series of common dates. The world wars Silver Nickels of 1942-1945 have some value, and there are a series of modern commemorative nickels featuring Lewis and Clark and other western themes. We buy and sell Jefferson Wartime silver nickels.


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