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Australian Silver Koala

Australian Silver Koala The Australian Silver Koala and Silver Australian Silver Kookaburra are both one troy ounce silver bullion coins produced by the Perth Mint for the Government of Australia. The Australian Silver Koala was first released in 2007 in ten troy ounces, one ounce and one half ounce sizes. The silver bullion coins were produced by the Perth Mint of Australia following other silver bullion coin series such as the Australian Lunar series. The koala was chosen as a subject since it is native only to Australia. The Silver Koala has become one of the country's favorite collectible and has some limited popularity around the world. The design for 2009 features a koala clinging to the branch of a tree. The background of the reverse is a unique "shimmer" background. The inscriptions read "1 oz 99.9 Silver" with the "P" mint mark.  A different reverse design is used each year featuring a Koala. Although considered a bullion coin, they have a total mintage of only several million. The coins are legal tender in Australia with a face value of one Australian dollar. Each coin has a diameter of 40.6 mm and a weight of 31.135 grams and contains one ounce of .999 pure silver. The obverse carries a picture of Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain, with inscriptions "Elizabeth II", "Australia", the date, and the face value of "1 Dollar".  The coin reverses are different image of a Koala each year. The Australian Silver Kookaburra was first released in 1990 is available in one troy ounce, two ounce and ten ounce sizes with the same physical size and weight as the Koala. This coin has a total mintage approaching sixty million and an additional one and a half million proofs. We buy and sell both the Australian Silver Koala and Silver Australian Silver Kookaburra bullion coins.




























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