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Persian Silver Coins

Persian Silver CoinsAs the concept of coinage caught favor, the silver and other precious metal coins were later supplemented with local bronze coinages, which served as small change, useful for transactions where small sums were involved. Persia became a powerful empire under Cyrus the Great between 600 and 529 BC. In 546 BC it captured Sardis in Lydia which was the home of King Croesus and the first ever coins. Following this capture Persia started to produce it own coins, probably minting them in Sardis. When Darius I came to the throne in 521 BC, he issued gold coins which became famous as "Darics" or archers. The obverse design of these showed the king in a running kneeling position holding a spear and a bow. In 330 BC, Darius was captured by Alexander the Great of Macedon, and the great days of the Persian Empire ended. Since then Persia has had a chequered history being conquered by Assyrians, Medes, Macedonians, Seljuks, Turks and Mongols..













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