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Silver Coins Trade through History

Silver coins of Europe

Silver mining began early when the Americas were at its simple beginnings, also known at this time as the "New World." Europeans quickly began to exploit the silver mines, particularly those in South America, to answer a demand for silver in Europe inspired by the fine craftsmanship of the Renaissance. The discovery of silver in Joachimsthal also gave rise to the silver coin called talers, later dollars. Production of silver in the Americas influenced trade and politics in Europe and transformed European relations with other regions of the world, particularly China and the Ottoman Empire. The influx of silver into Europe led to the most part uncontrolled minting of coins and the spending of those coins as fast as they were made. All countries of Europe eventually began to issue large size silver coins. Europeans then used these silver coins to purchase goods abroad which eventually led to inflation.  The sudden great amounts of silver, which was previously a rare metal, caused the relative value of silver to drop.

Wildermann Thaler Silcer Coin  Leopold  Silver Coin Maria Theresiaset Silver Coin
Wildermann Thaler Silver Coin
 Leopold Thaler Silver Coin Maria Theresa (Theresia) Thaler Silver Coin














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