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Mexican Gold Fifty PesosMexican Gold Fifty Pesos

Mexican Gold Fifty Pesos. Mostly Restrikes, originals made in 1921-1931 and 1944-1947, the last date still in production as we write. They are 41.66 grams (1.2 troy ounces) of .900 fine gold. The diameter is thirty-seven millimeters.  Issued at the Centennial of the beginning of its War of Independence with Spain. To commemorate the event, a giant column was erected in The middle of Mexico City with a statue of The Angel of Independence sitting atop. This 6.7- meter statue, constructed of gold plated bronze,  represents the "Winged Victory", a Greek symbol for the goddess Nike (Victory). In her right hand the Angel holds a laurel crown, symbolizing Victory, while in her left she holds a broken chain, symbolizing Freedom. They were made, with the exception of a few of the early dates, basically as legal way to own gold bullion until Americans regained the “right” to own gold which they lost in 1933.















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