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Gold Coins Trade through History

American Gold $20.00 Double EagleAmerican Gold $20.00 Double Eagle

The coin was authorized by the US Congress. It was first made in Philadelphia in 1849 and San Francisco in 1854. It was made in two basic different types, Liberty Head and Saint Gaudens, until 1933, or for 83 years. It weighs 516 grams of .900 fine gold.

Extremely popular from the first for its large size, and consistent weight and purity, the Double Eagle became a favorite world gold trade coin immediately and carried its most favored 1904 Double Libertystatus until after World War II, replacing the Sovereign particularly in Europe and South America, almost everywhere except the Middle East. After the world went off the gold standard, the Double Eagle became a popularly collected coin, which is true until this day. The Double Eagle is the last gold trade coin that was actually a coin made intended to circulate as money.



















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